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Hurricane Harvey storm damage

After the Storm

All-out effort at TCEQ to help state recover from Harvey

While an enormous amount has been accomplished in the weeks since the destructive force known as Hurricane Harvey blew away, the TCEQ has been doing all it can to make sure human health and the environment are protected.

TCEQ Hurricane Harvey Response Slideshow

85th Texas Legislative Highlights

The Latest

State employees help each other after disaster strikes

Committee established to accept and manage crowdsourced donations

Impacts on water and wastewater in Harvey’s wake

Environmental officials are working with water and wastewater systems to restore service in flood-ravaged areas.

TCEQ and EPA work with local authorities

As part of a Unified Command, the TCEQ and EPA are providing support to Harris County firefighters at a chemical plant in Houston.

TCEQ part of Arkema plant response in Crosby

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is part of a unified command with local, state, and federal partners responding to the situation at the Arkema chemical plant in Crosby. The TCEQ is currently monitoring the fire.

TCEQ’s Hurricane Harvey Response

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is fully committed to responding to Hurricane Harvey and the resulting widespread, unprecedented flooding from the storm.

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