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Bridge City utilizes a system designed by Filtronics out of California to remove excessive iron and manganese from the drinking water. Pictured is a 3,000-gallon tank of filter media, which the company dubs an Electromedia coagulation filtration system.

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Innovative water treatment technologies extensively tested before use

While numerous new technologies hold plenty of promise to clean water better and more efficiently, water treatment is not a simple affair. Changing one part of the water may cause a different issue to crop up. This is why the TCEQ requires pilot projects in many cases before water can ever be served to the public.

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Summer internship sponsors growing future leaders

Public and private-sector organizations invited to participate

Texas Emissions Reduction Plan grant funds still available

Six million for constructing or expanding natural gas and alternative fueling facilities and nine million dollars set aside for applicants hit by Harvey

TCEQ spearheads partnership collecting air quality data from Ciudad Juárez

Factors that affect air quality know no borders. That’s why it is so important that Ciudad Juárez officials are now operating and maintaining air quality monitors across the border from El Paso.

TCEQ commissioners appoint members to Galveston Bay Council

TCEQ’s commissioners unanimously appointed 22 people to serve terms on the Galveston Bay Council, which advises the agency on issues concerning the comprehensive conservation management plan.

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